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VOLDAM Ventilation was established in year of 2003, as a professional air movements manufacturing and supplier located in Dongfeng town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong China.

we are standing on a top class quality grade and make OEM brands for global markets, 12000 square meter workshop and 800 square meter testing and Lab building, 500 square meter office.

we are strong on all procedures making for ventilation parts in our factory, reseach & development department, Quality management department, P.M department, Administration department, finance department, procurement department, marketing department, all are under modern enterprise management system to set.

Profession is our key to win the markets, we are good reputation as well integrity, quick response, honesty, loyalty to the markets. from the motor stamping and making, tooling design and making, products design and making, plastic injection, assembly and tasting as will inspection are all under ISO9001 quality assurance system in factory.

we use silicon steel, pure copper winding , top class grade first class plastic materials, strict and critical workmanship to ensure our every unit are in good condition, we are executing our products and standard only 1-standard for global markets. never compromise the quality or business rule to get the orders.

we have 410-450 peoples in factory, 80-110 slillful technicians & engineers for design, mould making, plastic injection and metal stamping, test and inspection...

we have noise isolation room, computer operation airflow & static pressure test Lab, and all professional test machines to ensure our products are safe and reliable on quality.

our main markets are Europe, Mid-east, Asia, South America, Australia etc.

so far, we have 2 brand for ventilation, one is VOLDAM, another is new "airguard" which are registered in China and be protected by China Government.

all of our goods are at least extended a 2-year-guarantee qulity level which from the manufacturing date, if any defected belong to our workmanship, we will replace of them free of charge without any excuse.

Voldam is the best partner to trust and choose in China on ventilation, our maxim is: QUALITY & CONFIDENCE

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VOLDAM Ventilation was established in year of 2003, as a professional air movements manufacturing and.

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Professional is the key to win the market, we have a good reputation, integrity, fast Reaction, honesty, loyalty to the market.

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